About Dekishen

Dekishen (Xiamen) Electric Co., Ltd. is a specialized company providing power products and services for electric power and public service systems. He was founded in the beautiful Victoria, Canada, specializing in R\u0026D, design and production of power switches and protection equipment and related production. And investment in the service sector. The product provides effective and reliable guarantee for the transmission of electricity, and Dekishin Electric also provides users of the power industry, commercial, industrial, etc...

Chairman"s Message

Dear friends, everyone! This is the beginning of mutual communication and understanding between us, and it also lays a good foundation for all possible cooperation between us. Here, I would like to pay high tribute to friends from all walks of life who care about the development of Dejishen! Dejishen (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. was established in 2011 and has made great progress after hard work. The company will, as always, adhere to the "quality first, integrity and win-win" experience...

Contact us

Address: No. 8 Building, No. 2879 Dongfu Avenue, Haishu District, Xiamen City

Tel: 0592-8053666 (International Trade Business) 0592-8772666 (Foreign Trade Business)

Fax: 0592-5367806

Mobile: Manager Chen 18065925888

E-mail: rachel@dgslxm.com

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